Credit Card Security Company Trustwave Negates Responsibility in Target Data Breach

Credit Card Security Company Trustwave Negates Responsibility in Target Data BreachTrustwave Holdings, the leading credit card security firm has hunted down allegations related to the massive data breach that occurred at Target and has made it very clear that it is not responsible for the security loopholes that lead to hacking of information. It made this statement after it was named in a lawsuit along with the third-largest US retailer chain.

Trustwave Holdings claimed that its relationship with the retailer chain was not represented properly. The credit card security firm also denied the allegations made in the lawsuit that it had processed card data for the retailer chain or had handled security of the information of card holders.

In a letter addressed to business partners and customers, Robert McCullen, the CEO of Trustwave, stated, “Contrary to the misstated allegations in the plaintiffs’ complaints, Target did not outsource its data security or IT obligations to Trustwave. Trustwave did not monitor Target’s network, nor did Trustwave process cardholder data for Target.” He added, “These claims against Trustwave are without merit.”

In the recent past, two US banks Green Bank N.A. and Trustmark National Bank filed a lawsuit against both Trustwave and Target in the US District Court in Chicago. In the lawsuit, the complainants have mentioned that both the firms together should take up the responsibility of the massive credit and debit card data breach that took place at the point-of-sale of the retailer chain during the holiday season in the month of November and December last year. at least 40 million cards were stolen and personal credentials of more than 70 million customers was compromised.

The lawsuit says that,”Trustwave failed to timely discover and report the data breach to Target or the public.”

In the lawsuit, the complainants have sought damages of at least $5million. The filing further said that the overall financial losses could cross $1 billion mark if losses suffered by several card issuers is considered. The banks stated in the lawsuit that they had to suffer financial burden by alerting their customers about the breach, reissuing cards, and reimbursing fraudulent charges.

Target Corporation is facing numerous lawsuits in relation to the data hacking event.


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