PNC Issues New Credit Cards to Its Customers Who Shopped at Target Store during the Breach

PNC Issues New Credit Cards to Its Customers Who Shopped at Target Store during the BreachPNC Bank has started sending letters to its credit card users urging them to replace their cards as soon as possible if they have used it at Target outlets during the recent holiday season of November 27 to December 15. The cards will be replaced by the bank with new ones.

Larry Smith of Mt. Washington said that, “I think they should replace them. They are a lot of criminals out there, might use your information, so I think it’s a good thing.” In the month of December last year, the US retailer chain Target Corporation had given a confirmation that its point-of-sales system was under attack and sensitive credit card information of at least 70 million buyers was compromised. Moreover, credit cards of at least 40 million shoppers were stolen by the hackers. And the worst thing is many of these cards are active and available for sale in the black market.

PNC also cleared that it has seen no signs of fraud among its card users as a result of the massive data breach. Also, it will not disclose the number of new cards it is likely to issue as a replacement to the old ones. The bank cleared that it is taking such steps just to be safe. Also, the replacement will be applicable only for credit card users and not any debit card users.

Lucinda Beattie of East End commented with regards to the replacement that, “On the surface, it makes sense to me.” Mike Loftis of South Side stated, “Luckily, I don’t shop at Target, so I should be all right. Yeah, that’s probably smart. They’re the first ones doing that to cancel the credit cards.”

NexTier Bank was the first local bank to respond to the data breach by initializing replacement of its customers’ cards as early as December 2014. The same response is expected from other banks as well.

The bank has clarified that the victimized customers will get a replacement for their old card within 7 to 10 days after they request for such replacement to the bank. Also, the new cards must be activated on or before April 30. After this date, their old cards will not be valid.


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