Best tips for credit card replacement

The loss of a credit card while traveling, whether halfway across the world or just a few hours’ drive away from home can be an emergency of disastrous proportions. The good news is that if you prepare in advance and take a few precautions while you are on the road, the damage will likely be minimal to both your travels and your finances.

Given is the list of the top ways of credit card replacement to go for.

No delay

As soon as you realize your card is stolen or lost and you need a replacement, call your bank’s emergency contact number. In most cases, you can go to the bank’s website and type in stolen card. There, you will find a link to a page with the emergency toll-free number. If that fails, check the website’s Contact us page for another customer service phone number. Once you report the card missing, the bank will immediately cancel the card and block further charges.

Overseas issue

If you are overseas, some credit card companies have online directories where you can look up the number to call when you’re traveling in a particular country. Or you can check the chart below for the number where you can call collect to report a stolen card and arrange for a replacement.

Cash advances

On an average, it takes five to seven business days for a replacement card to arrive from the date you make the request. If you have other cards or other ways to access funds, you may be able to wait it out. But if you cannot, many banks offer emergency cash advances via wire transfer to tide you over until the new card arrives, as long as the card is not maxed out.

No expectations
Some of your preparation begins before you leave home. You cannot totally prevent a card from being stolen, but you can design a backup plan to make the replacement process as painless as possible. Do always remember that your card does not have to be stolen for you to request a replacement card.

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