Top money saving apps to know about

Load your smartphone up with these ultimate money saving apps and you will have more money in your pocket in no time. There are literally hundreds of apps out there with the sole purpose of helping you save and it is just a matter of digging them out and working out which ones are best.


Monzo is essentially a hybrid between a budgeting app and a prepaid credit card. It is a Mastercard that is linked up to a nifty little app that let us you keep an eye on where you spend your cash day to day, sending you notifications each time your card is used and how much you spent. We like how using a prepaid card like this means you can skip out having to enter any spending manually into a budgeting app or spreadsheet, so no transactions are forgotten.


Whether you are splitting a restaurant bill, chipping in for a friend’s birthday gift or doing a communal food shop, it is easy to lose track of who owes who and how much. What is worse is that the whole process of collecting what you’re owed can be a major hassle, and a bit awkward between friends. Payfriendz is a great solution to this problem, as you can use the app to send someone cash or request someone to pay you with a click of a button. The only annoying thing is that you need to transfer money into your PayFriendz account in order to pay out, but that’s pretty easy once you hook your bank card up with your account.

ATM Hunter

This is a great little app, especially for those days and nights out in a city you do not know so well. We have all been in that annoying situation where you are running about like a headless chicken looking for a cash machine because you are in a bar that only takes cash, or their card machine is broken. What is even worse is if you finally end your headless chicken pilgrimage only to find that the ATM you’ve managed to hunt down charges an arm and a leg just to use it.


You will then get cashback credit added straight to your account which is transferable to your bank account or paypal. One small catch, however, is that every time you make a payment request to withdraw money from your account, you will be charged a 5% fee. Therefore, it is worth letting your earnings build up a bit before you withdraw anything.


There is nothing worse than buying an item online or in a shop only to find later that you could have bought it cheaper elsewhere. Idealo is a life saver for anyone who is caught out by making impulse purchases and the minute you come across something you would like to buy, get the Idealo app out before you part with your cash. All you need to do is either search for the product in the search bar or scan the product’s barcode to find how much you could get it for from other retailers. It could literally be a case of walking two minutes down the road to another store and getting it for half the price.

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