Top money saving trends you must follow

Use coupons for everyday purchases.

This has remained a great money saving trend for multiple years now. You already know our love of coupons and have likely learned about different methods of creating a stockpile, using them casually or becoming a hardcore extreme couponer here on our site. Coupons are one of the easiest ways to save money no matter your lifestyle or budget.

Drop cable and use streaming services

This is another one that has become more and more popular. With the ability to grab an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku or even Apple TV to stream through – many families are saving hundreds of dollars a month on entertainment by dropping cable and satellite TV for streaming services instead.

Utilize menu plans

Whether you need a gluten free diet, low fat, Weight Watchers, Crockpot or simply easy meal menu plan, there are hundreds of ready-made options for you to download complete with recipes and calendars. We go with the old school method of creating our custom menu plan and working around sale items and our pantry stock. A menu plan keeps you from eating out and buying food you already have in your pantry needing to be used.

Direct deposit to savings accounts

More and more individuals are utilizing their direct deposits from work to put money automatically into savings accounts. You can let your HR manager know how much you want direct deposited into each account per pay period, and this makes it easy to save without thinking about it. Since you won’t be “touching” that money each pay period, it makes it much easier to save.

Passive income and MLM marketing money sources

Another trend that has become popular in the last year is to create your method of passive income. This has been seen most widely in the form of multi-level marketing programs, home business selling products or freelance work. While MLM programs are often a bit on the shady side for me to recommend, there are many that people love. You can set up a website, social media account or other forms of getting the word out there easily and reach hundreds of people a month selling something simple online that you don’t have to control inventory on. This is popular and a great way to make money to pay off debt or save for the future. Just be careful about what companies you choose to work with.

These money-saving trends this year seem to have staying power. While they wonuld not always work within your particular home and needs, they do seem to be methods that have been around for awhile and are growing in popularity. Take advantage as you can and grow your savings accounts in no time.

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